Configure a Network

Setting up a private network

DCD helps you connect the elements of your infrastructure and build a network to set up a functional virtual data center. Without a connected internet access element, your network is private.

The quickest way to connect elements is to drag them from the Palette directly onto elements that are already in the Workspace. The DCD will then show you whether and how the elements can be connected automatically.

1. Drag the elements from the Palette into the Workspace and connect them through their NICs.

2. In the Workspace, select the required VM; the Inspector will show its properties on the right.

3. From the Inspector pane, open the Network tab. Now you can access NIC properties.

4. Set NIC properties according to the following rules:

  • MAC: The MAC address will be assigned automatically upon provisioning.

  • Primary IP: The primary IP address is automatically assigned by the IONOS DHCP server. You can, however, enter an IP address for manual assignment by selecting one of the reserved IPs from the drop-down menu. Private IP addresses (according to RFC 1918) must be entered manually. The NIC has to be connected to the Internet.

  • Failover: If you have an HA setup including a failover configuration on your VMs, you can create and manage IP failover groups that support your HA setup.

  • Firewall: Configure a firewall.

  • DHCP: It is often necessary to run a DHCP server in your virtual data center (e.g. PXE boot for fast rollout of VMs). If you use your own DHCP server, clear this check box so that your IPs are not reassigned by the IONOS DHCP server.

  • Additional IPs: In order to use "floating" or virtual IPs, you can assign additional IPs to a NIC by selecting them from the drop-down menu.

When ready, provision your changes. The VDC will create a private network according to set properties.

Splitting LANs

1. To split a LAN, select the required LAN in the Workspace.

2. In the Inspector, open the Actions menu and select Split LAN.

3. Confirm by clicking Split LAN.

4. Make further changes to your data center and provision your changes when ready.

The selected LAN is split and new IPs are assigned to the NICs in the new LAN.

Merging LANs

1. To merge a LAN, select the required LAN in the Workspace.

2. To integrate this LAN into another LAN.

3. In the Inspector, open the Actions menu and select Merge LAN with another LAN.

4. In the dialog that appears, select the LANs to be merged with the selected LAN.

5. Select the checkboxes of the LANs you wish to keep separate.

6. Confirm by clicking Merge LANs.

(Optional) Make further changes to your data center.

7. Provision your changes

The selected LANs are merged and new IPs are assigned to the NICs in the newly integrated LAN.

A private LAN that is integrated into a public LAN also becomes a public LAN.

Adding Internet access

Servers with internet access are assigned an IP automatically by the IONOS DHCP server. Please note that multiple servers sharing the same internet interface also share the same subnet. With required permissions, you can add as many internet access elements as you wish.

Users who do not have the permissions to add a new internet access element, can connect to an existing element in their VDC, provided they have the permissions to edit it.

1. To add internet access, drag the Internet element from the Palette onto the Workspace.

2. Connect this element with Servers.

3. Set further properties of the connection at the respective NIC.

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