Managed Backup FAQs

What is the availability of IONOS data centers?

The availability of our data centers is 99.95%. The maximum number of maintenance hours is four in three months.

How is my virtual data center protected against hardware failures?

Our entire storage system ensures maximum redundancy for all hardware components. All storage volumes are replicated synchronously on additional storage servers, which are physically located in separate fire zones of the same modular data center. Additionally, all communication connections and devices are implemented with a minimum of single redundancy protection. In the event of a physical failure of a server with a VM, the VM restarts on another physical server.

How do I create snapshots or backups of my storage?

You can create snapshots or backups of your storage inside of the Data Center Designer.

What is the best way to protect data and improve performance with RAID?

Reliable performance and security are ensured, to a large extent, by storing the data in duplicate, meaning in two separate zones of the data center. Reliability and security would only be marginally improved by mirroring mass storage devices, such as RAID 1.
Striping with RAID 0, or using RAID 5 to boost speed and reliability, would also have hardly any effect; the same holds true for DRBD storage systems.
We do not recommend striping as it interferes with additional security measures that we apply in order to ensure data integrity over parallel storage blocks.
To enhance the integrity of your data, please consider using the ZFS file system.