New S3 Web Console FAQs

The following are a few FAQs to provide insight into the new IONOS S3 Object Storage web console.

What is the IONOS S3 Object Storage new web console?

The new web console for IONOS S3 Object Storage is an enhanced version of the previously available S3 web console in the DCD, offering improved user experience and guidance with a design catering to multiple target groups. With this revamp, the S3 Web Console in the DCD is renamed to IONOS S3 Object Storage.

How does the IONOS S3 Object Storage new web console differ from the old web console?

The new web console for the IONOS S3 Object Storage offers an improved user interface (UI) of the application and the following are the capabilities that you will notice:

  • Visually enhanced UI of the web console catering to multiple target audiences without needing external browser windows to use the application.

  • Natively integrated front-end in the DCD using IONOS standard design system. Instead of an external browser window, you can access the S3 web console within the DCD.

  • Offers context-sensitive Learn more help links from within the UI to support users with relative and detailed product documentation about the workflows.

  • The application offers faster responsiveness and improved performance.

Can I use both the new IONOS S3 Object Storage and the old web console?

No, with the new web console generally available to all users, the old console is phased out and removed from the DCD. All the capabilities of the old console are now improved and made available in the new web console.

Are there any changes to the bucket settings?

Functionally, the bucket settings remain unchanged. To offer an improved user experience and simplify the UI design, you will notice the following changes:

  • The Bucket Permissions setting in the old web console is now available as an Access Control List.

  • Bucket Canned ACL – a predefined set of permissions per grantee and Storage Policy – a setting automatically applied when a user creates a bucket, are deprecated.

For detailed FAQs related to IONOS S3 Object Storage, see FAQs.

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