July 2024 Releases

What's new

July 8

Managed Kubernetes is releasing Kubernetes version 1.30. For more information about the schedule timeline, see Release Schedule.

July 4

Information on the security advisory for CVE-2024-6387, announced by OpenSSH, is now available on the documentation portal. This advisory addresses a signal handler race condition in OpenSSH that affects sshd in its default configuration.

July 3

AMD Opteron CPUs will be phased out for Kubernetes node pools and new Opteron-based VMs. We recommend updating your Terraform and Crossplane configurations to reflect the new CPU type to avoid errors.

Documentation updates

July 18

We have added documentation support to help you configure Veeam Backup & Replication with the new eu-central-3 Object Storage region. The key topics include:

— Guided steps for adding a new Object Storage repository.

— Instructions for creating backup jobs with performance-optimized settings.

— Steps to migrate your backup repository to the eu-central-3 region.

— Recommended settings to apply 8 MB blocks in storage optimization.

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