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Connect a LAN to a Cross Connect

To associate a Cross Connect with your VDC and the configured private LAN, you can perform the following API calls:
  • POST creates a LAN and connects it to a Cross Connect in a single API call.
  • PUT or PATCH can be used to update the corresponding /lan resource.


The following is an example of a PUT operation:
curl --location
--request PUT '{datacenter_UUID}/lans/2' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic <auth-token>' \
--data '{   
"properties": {       
"pcc": "2e136690-1169-424f-ac4e-ead3fc02292b"   


202 Successful operation
"id": "2",
"type": "lan",
"href": "{datacenter_UUID}/lans/2",
"metadata": {
"etag": "d0f9c52b979bfe779e9368ca303bab88",
"createdDate": "2023-09-11T12:00:35Z",
"createdBy": "[email protected]",
"createdByUserId": "0ea7c8-fd97-48ce-a375-6b2c38",
"lastModifiedDate": "2023-09-20T11:48:03Z",
"lastModifiedBy": "[email protected]",
"lastModifiedByUserId": "0ea7c8-fd97-48ce-a375-6398fb",
"state": "BUSY"
"properties": {
"name": "LANCC",
"ipFailover": [],
"pcc": "2690-1169-424f-ac4e-222b",
"ipv6CidrBlock": null,
"public": false
"entities": {
"nics": {
"id": "2/nics",
"type": "collection",
"href": "{datacenter_UUID}/lans/2/nics"
For more information, see Create LANs and Partially modify LANs.