Manage User Access

Access inside of the Virtual Data Center can be controlled for both Users, user Groups, and Resources. Please consult the following instructions for all three.

User Access Control

When you create a new Virtual Data Center (VDC), only you, as the Contract Owner, have access to the space and the infrastructure contained within. However, you might want to assign maintenance duties to another member of your organization. This tutorial teaches you how to create new users and how to assign privileges to them. This will allow them to work with the resources that you created inside of the VDC.
Prerequisites: Make sure you have the appropriate privileges. Only Contract Managers or Administrators can manage users within a VDC.

Creating a new User

The User Manager lets you create new users, add them to user groups, and assign privileges to each Group. Privileges either limit or expand access, based on the user role in your organization. This panel lets you control user access to specific areas of your VDC.
To access the User Manager, go to Menu > Management > Users & Groups.
Manager Resrouces Dropdown Menu
1. In the User Manager, click + Create in the Users tab.
2. Enter the user's First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password. Click Create.
Creating a new user is done in the User Manager panel within the DCD

Creating a Group

The creation of Groups is useful when you need to assign specific duties to a specific group of a team member. For example, you may want to assign certain duties to a team of Quality Assurance experts. You have to create a Group called "Quality Assurance" and add it to the User Manager. Later, you can add members to this group. You can then assign privileges to the entire Group.
To create a group, use the following procedure:
1. In the Groups tab, click + Create and enter a Group Name in the drop-down.
2. Click Create to confirm. The group is now created and visible in the list.
You can now assign permissions, users, and resources to your Quality Assurance department.
User groups can be created directly from the Groups tab in the User Manager

Adding Users to a Group

Users are added to your Quality Assurance group on an individual basis. Once you have created a new member, you must assign them to the Group.
1. In the Groups tab, select the required group.
2. In the Members tab, add Users from the + Add User drop-down.
3. To remove users, select the required user and click Remove User.
Choose a User from the dropdown and add them to the highlighted Group as Member
Users assigned to the group now have privileges and access rights to resources corresponding to their group membership.
By assigning a user to a group, a contract owner or administrator not only defines which actions a user is authorized to perform in the DCD but also which resources (VDCs, images, snapshots, IP blocks) members of this group can access.
Administrators do not need to be managed in groups as they automatically have access to all resources associated with the contract.

Assigning privileges to Groups

1. In the Groups tab, select the required group.
2. In the Privileges tab, check or uncheck boxes, as appropriate, next to the privilege name.
You do not need to save your selections. This action automatically grants/removes privileges.
If you want the members of a Group to have certain privileges, please check them off in the appropriate boxes

Adding Groups to a Resource

1. Select a resource from the Resources tab in the User Manager panel.
2. Under the Visible to Groups tab, click + Add Group.
3. Click on a Group which was previously created.
4. The selected group is now able to see the resource.
Select the resource you wish to make available to a user Group. The Group's members can now exercise chosen privileges

Assigning Resources from the Groups tab

1. In the Groups tab, select the required group.
2. Open the Resources of Group tab.
3. Click on + Grant Access and select the resource from the dropdown.
Select a resource from the Resources of a Group tab to assign a particular set of rules to a group of users
This enables read access to the selected resource.
Check each box to enable editing or sharing of a resource. To disable access, select the required resource and uncheck either the permission box or click Revoke Access.