Setup a Data Center

Cloud infrastructure is set up in Virtual Data Centers (VDCs); they contain all the building blocks and the resources required to manage and operate cloud products and services.
Prerequisites: Make sure you have the appropriate privileges. Only contract owners, administrators, or users, with the Create Data Center privilege, can set up a VDC.

Creating a Server

1. Drag the Server element from the Palette into the Workspace.
2. In the Inspector pane, on the right, configure your Server in the Settings tab.
Drag a Server element from the Palette onto the Workspace and configure its properties on the right
  • Name: Choose a name unique to this VDC.
  • Availability Zone: Choose the Zone where you wish to host the server.
  • CPU Architecture: Choose between AMD or Intel cores.
  • Cores: Specify the number of CPU cores.
  • RAM: Any size between 0.25 GB to 240 GB in steps of 0.25 GB.

Adding Storage

1. Drag a Storage element from the Palette onto a Server in the Workspace.
2. Configure the Storage device in the Inspector pane on the right.
Combining a Storage element with the Server in the Workspace joins the two elements
  • Name: Choose a name unique to this VDC.
  • Availability Zone: Choose the Zone where you wish to host the storage device.
  • Size in GB: Specify the required storage capacity.
  • Image: You can select one of IONOS images or you can use your own.
  • Password: Set the root or administrator password for your server.

Connecting to the internet

1. Drag a NIC element from one element onto another element's NIC to connect them.
2. In the Inspector pane, configure your Network device in the Settings tab.
  • Name: Choose a name unique to this VDC.
  • MAC and IP are added automatically.
Network your server to the internet by configuring the Network settings in the Inspector

Provision Changes

1. Start the provisioning process by clicking PROVISION CHANGES in the Inspector pane.
2. The Provision Data Center dialog opens. Review your changes in the Validation tab.
3. Confirm changes by entering your password. Resolve conflicts without a password.
4. When you are ready, click Provision Now to start provisioning resources.
Once ready, finalize the setup by requesting that the resources are provisioned
Confirm by clicking Provision Now
The data center will now be provisioned. DCD will display a Provisioning Complete notification when your cloud infrastructure is ready.
You may configure the MAC and IP once the resource is provisioned.

Next steps

This Tutorial showed how to manually configure settings for each server.
However, this process can be automated. You can specify a preferred default data center location, IP settings, and resource capacity for future VDCs.
Learn how to set VDC defaults in My Settings.