IONOS DBaaS offers you to use a replicated MongoDB setup in minutes.
DBaaS is fully integrated into the Data Center Designer. You may also manage it via automation tools like Terraform and Ansible.
Compatibility: DBaaS currently supports MongoDB version 5.0.
Locations: Offered only in limited locations due to technical reasons. Currently available are de/fra, de/txl, gb/lhr, es/vit, us/ewr and fr/par.


High availability: Multi-instance clusters across different physical hosts with automatic data replication and failure handling.
Security: Communication between instances and between the client and cluster are protected with TLS using Let's Encrypt.
Backup: Daily snapshots are kept for up to seven days.
Restore: Databases can be restored in-place.
Resources: Cluster instances are dedicated Cubes, with a dedicated CPU, storage, and RAM. All data is stored on high-performance directly attached NVMe devices and encrypted at rest.
Network: Clusters can be accessed via private LANs.

Platform Tasks

Note: IONOS Cloud doesn’t allow full access to the MongoDB cluster. For example, due to security reasons, you can't use all roles and have to create users via the IONOS API.
DBaaS services offered by IONOS Cloud:
Our platform is responsible for all back-end operations required to maintain your database in optimal operational health.
  • Database management via the DCD or the DBaaS API
  • Configuring default values, for example for data replication and security related settings
  • Automated backups for a period of 7 days
  • Regular patches and upgrades during maintenance
  • Disaster recovery via automated backup
  • Service monitoring: both for the database and the underlying infrastructure
Customer database administration duties:
Tasks related to the optimal health of the database remain the responsibility of the customer. These include:
  • Choosing an adequate sizing
  • Data organisation
  • Creation of indexes
  • Updating statistics
  • Consultation of access plans to optimise queries


  • Cluster: The whole MongoDB cluster, currently equal to the replica set.
  • Instance: A single server or replica set member inside a MongoDB cluster.