PostgreSQL FAQ

Will DBaaS be ever offered on Cloud Cubes?

As for now, DBaaS is only offered on Virtual Servers. Cloud Cubes may be used in the future as well.

How many connections are available?

Currently, the total limit is 100, with 11 reserved.

Is there a connection pooling option for PosgreSQL?

The standard is pgbouncer. However, we do not provide it at the moment.

After the connection limit has been reached, will there be an error?

Depending on the library you are using, it should be something like:
failed to create DB connection: addr x.x.x.x:5432: connection refused.

How do we prevent reaching the connection limit?

The best way to manage connections is to have your application maintain a pool of at least 10-20 connections. It is considered bad practice to have a lot of DB connections. However, letting the user configure max_connections themselves in the future is an option.

Can I scale the deployment to increase its connection limit?

Increasing RAM or number of instances does not affect the number of connections available for users. It is also not something support can change. After a DB restart the max_connections will be reset back to the default 100.

What are the supported backup methods?

We provide an automated backup within our cloud. If you want to backup to somewhere else, we currently only support pg_dump.

What are the main considerations for latency and performance?

The number of standby nodes (in addition to the master) doesn’t really matter. If you have one or ten makes no difference. Synchronous modes are slower in write performance due to the increase of latency for communication between master and standby.
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