Set User Privileges


Only contract owners or administrators may configure MaaS by default. Monitored metrics are "read-only" for all other user types. Additional users must be granted access via IONOS Cloud User Management, which is available in the DCD as well as via Cloud API. Prior to setting privileges for an additional user, ensure they have access to the specific VDC.

Granting user privileges

MaaS has a new group privilege called Access and Manage Monitoring. The privilege must be enabled for a group so that members of the group inherit this privilege through group privilege settings.
Once the privilege is granted, contract users can access monitoring metrics of virtual instances running in virtual data centers that are shared with them. Contract owners and administrators can access monitoring metrics of all virtual instances, as they have access to all VDCs at any given time.

Managing user privileges

Use the following procedure to manage monitoring privileges:
1. Open Management in the DCD.
2. Select the Users & Groups option under Users.
3. A User Manager modal will open up. Select the Groups tab.
4. Select the target group.
5. Check the Access and Manage monitoring check box. The box turns blue and displays a tick box.
6. Close the User Manager window. Privileges are activated for the selected group.

Revoking user privileges

Revoke user access by either removing the user from all groups that have the privilege enabled or by disabling the privilege in each respective group.
You can revoke this privilege from a contract administrator only by disabling the administrator option on the user account. The respective user will then fall back into the role of a contract user. All privileges that were set up for the user, before nomination as administrator, will then be in effect.