S3 Tools

The IONOS S3 Object Storage is fully compatible with S3, which means that it can be used to manage buckets and objects with existing S3 clients once properly configured.
We suggest you a list of popular tools for working with IONOS S3 Object Storage, as well as instructions for configuring them:

Graphical User Interface Tools

  • Postman – a tool for API development and testing. Its unique feature is a graphical interface for sending API requests to object storage endpoints, facilitating testing and development.
  • Cyberduck – an open-source GUI client supporting object storage among other protocols, presenting storage objects as local files for easy browsing, upload, and download.
  • S3 Browser – a freeware Windows client for object storage, providing an easy way to manage buckets and objects, including file permissions and access control lists, through a visual interface.

Command line tools

  • AWS CLI is unique in offering a wide range of commands for comprehensive management of buckets and objects, ideal for scripting and automation.
  • S3cmd – a command-line tool offering direct, scriptable control over object storage buckets and objects. However, it lacks certain features like versioning and replication management.
  • rclone – a command-line program for syncing files between local and cloud storage, distinguishing itself with powerful synchronization capabilities, specifically useful when handling large data quantities and complex sync setups.

Software development kits (SDK)

  • Boto3 Python SDK provides high-level object-oriented API as well as low-level direct service access.