May 2024 Releases

What's new

May 17

IONOS has introduced self-service functionality features via the DCD to improve the customer experience by giving users control over certain features. Customer data provides additional control and flexibility to your account. With the Payment details module, you can add new payment methods. This feature has enhanced security to provide seamless yet strong customer authentication.

May 13

You can now leverage the IONOS Cloud DNS API service to create and manage Reverse DNS (PTR) records for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. This enhancement enables you to efficiently manage your DNS configurations and network settings and enhance email deliverability.

May 7

Logging Service is enhanced to allow you to configure an unlimited retention period for your logs. With this enhancement, you can store your logs for an indefinite period. The enhancement is available since April 29, 2024.

May 6

Information on the security advisory for four vulnerabilities reported by Acronis is now available in the documentation portal. These vulnerabilities reported in the Cyber Protect Agent cause local privilege escalation and information manipulation without authorization.

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