Database as a Service

IONOS's Database as a Service (DBaaS) consists of fully managed databases, with high availability, performance, and reliability hosted in IONOS Cloud and integrated with other IONOS Cloud services.

Database Engines

We currently offer the following database engines:


IONOS DBaaS lets you quickly set up and manage MongoDB database clusters. Using IONOS DBaaS, you can manage MongoDB clusters, along with their scaling, security and creating snapshots for backups. The feature offers the following editions of MongoDB to meet your enterprise-level deployments: Playground, Business, and Enterprise. For more information, see Overview.


IONOS DBaaS gives you access to the capabilities of the PostgreSQL database engine. Using IONOS DBaaS, you can manage PostgreSQL cluster operations, database scaling, patch your database, create backups, and security.

Resource allocation

In the DCD > Databases, the database resources allocated as per your user contract is displayed in the Resource Allocation. The resources refers to the Postgres Clusters, MongoDB Clusters, Cores, RAM, and Storage databases quota. For each of these resources, this section shows the number of resources you can use and also the count of resources already consumed. Based on the resources avaialble here, you can allocate resources during the creation of a MongoDB cluster. To avail additional resource allocation, contact IONOS Cloud Support.
Database Resource Allocation