With IONOS Cloud Virtual Servers, you can set up and manage backups using a dedicated backup service. IONOS Cloud works with a special provider, specializing in backup and recovery solutions (Acronis).
Backups can be set up three ways:
1) Automatically (before provisioning new servers
2) Semi-automatically (during deployment of multiple servers)
3) Manually (adding a backup solution to an existing server).
Server data is saved in Backup Units, which are created and managed via the DCD's Backup Unit Manager. Furthermore, a separate app called the Backup Management Console allows the management of created units.
The Backup Unit Manager allows you to create and manage the Backup Units and assign names and passwords. They are required for logging on to the external Backup Management Console in which you can manage your backups and backup schedules.


In order to create backups for a server, a backup agent needs to be installed that communicates with the backup system and assigns backups to the respective Backup Unit.
The communication between the server with the backup agent and the backup system requires an internet connection. Backups are stored in compressed form, which has a positive effect on costs. Backups are charged per Backup Unit.
Architecture diagram for Managed Backup Units