The IONOS S3 Object Storage Service endpoints are listed below.


  • S3 region (global default): de
  • S3 endpoint: s3-eu-central-1.ionoscloud.com
  • S3 legacy static website endpoint: s3-website-de-central.profitbricks.com
  • S3 legacy endpoint: s3-de-central.profitbricks.com


  • S3 region (LocationConstraint): eu-central-2
  • S3 endpoint: s3-eu-central-2.ionoscloud.com
  • S3 static website endpoint: s3-website-eu-central-2.ionoscloud.com
  • S3 legacy endpoint: s3-eu-central-2.profitbricks.com


  • S3 region (LocationConstraint): eu-south-2
  • S3 endpoint: s3-eu-south-2.ionoscloud.com
  • S3 static website endpoint: s3-website-eu-south-2.ionoscloud.com
  • S3 legacy endpoint: s3-eu-south-2.profitbricks.com
Note: The S3 Object Storage Service does not support HTTPS for hosting static websites unless the full domain path is used.
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