The pricing model for IONOS S3 Object Storage is as follows:
  • Storage space is charged per GB per hour
  • Traffic is charged by gigabytes. Incoming traffic and cross-region replication traffic are free
  • Using the API is free (unlike other providers who charge for PUT, COPY, POST, LIST, and GET requests)
Prices are listed on the respective websites - international, DE, UK, CA, FR, and MX.

Outgoing traffic from IONOS S3 Object Storage

All outgoing traffic from the IONOS S3 Object Storage, with the exception of that caused by IONOS S3 Object Storage cross-region replication, is charged to your account. Outgoing traffic to IONOS virtual machines or dedicated servers is also paid regardless of location. The price per GB of traffic is determined by the account's total traffic consumption; tiered pricing applies to all outgoing traffic, including traffic from virtual machines and IONOS S3 Object Storage.

Incoming traffic to IONOS S3 Object Storage

Incoming IONOS S3 Object Storage traffic is free. However, keep in mind that when uploading data to the IONOS S3 Object Storage, the same traffic may be counted as outbound paid traffic for your VM if it is located in a different data center than IONOS S3 Object Storage.
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